I am moving things around here at the moment. 

Lisette Frimannslund works in  drawing, photography, abit of painting (maybe) and text; in all kinds of combinations.

Frequent themes in her work are the insider/outsider perspective, solitude, desolation and chance; discovering places where there are still signs and traces of human activity, but those who once lived or worked there are long gone. Not knowing what went on in a place gives room for numerous interpretations.

I like to work in a project-based way where I can zoom in, investigate and research a backstory or history and see where it takes me. What I meet. What I discover. The starting point can be a specific place, a journey or a memory. Each project comes with its own set of rules (pve) that I try to follow. I often like to let a book that has meant something to me, or has inspired me in some way, dictate how the project will be formed. Or even let the book set the rules. Resulting in a series of works that are based on facts but end up in the twilight zone of fact and fiction by the way the fragments are combined. These fragments form an itinerary; either through time, place or memory.


Lisette Frimannslund

BINK 36 - C342
Binckhorstlaan 36
2516 BE Den Haag